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Java 7, Update 65 - Appellate ECF Login Issue

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CM/ECF Login Process Stops Due to New Java Release

To resolve the problem, go into the Java Control Panel, select the third tab labeled "Java".  Click the "View.." button to bring up a table.  In the table you should see a line for Java 7 (1.7).  In the 5th column, titled "Runtime Parameters" which is probably blank, click once (which will highlight the whole row), then quickly click again to allow "edit" of the blank column (it will change color to non-highlighted, if not, click twice, faster).  If there are any parameters in the cell, backspace to erase them.  NOTE: This procedure only works as intended if it thinks you have edited, so make sure you double click and get the cell selected for editing.   Then click "OK" and "OK" again on the Java Control Panel.  This sequence will create a necessary arguments parameter in a properties file on your machine.  Make sure you completely close out of all browser windows before trying to log into the ECF system again.